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Here are some testimonials about miracles signs and wonders which have taken place:

Whangarei, New Zealand, March 2007:
The following testimony of healing occurred at the Tikipunga Baptist Church on Monday 26th
March 2007.
During the evening as the worship was breaking through to the heavenly realm, Judith was walking
round the auditorium encouraging people to lift their level of worship. As Judith passed Jean, who
was sitting on an aisle seat at the back of the auditorium, her hand lightly touched Jean’s back
between her shoulders. Jean, who had had her eyes closed, turned to see who had touched her.
She then realized that she had turned her neck without turning her body. Jean had dislocated her
neck in a skiing accident fifty five years ago and since then had had restricted movement of her
Since that Monday night, Jean has had greater freedom of movement in her neck and the level of
discomfort has been greatly reduced.
Praise the Lord.
John McGregor.

An Encounter with Jesus. All Glory to Him!
(I have tried to give an accurate and faithful account of all that I saw while in the Spirit during the
very worshipful meetings at Tikipunga Baptist Church, Whangarei, New Zealand on Monday to
Wednesday nights late in March 2007. Most occurred during the last night when I was ‘away’ with
the Lord for 2-3 hours (so I am told) during an extended worship and teaching time. I was asked to
recount my experience during that Wednesday night but did so with some difficulty. Trying to
express it all in words at the same time as finding it physically hard to speak was quite trying.
As I approached the throne I felt the weight of His authority emanating from it but I was not afraid.
Suddenly I was with Jesus. He greeted me and began to show me around “His Place”. He was full
of authority but very friendly. I knew I was privileged to be with Him.
I became aware of the vastness of the throne but found it hard to see it all as my vision was limited
in scope, like “tunnel vision”. I could not see Jesus face or even all of Him at once. I could see
through under the throne to a portal where angels were pouring out at His command in vast numbers to the earth on their way to help the believers. Jesus said it was “because of the worship”.
The angels looked small but that may have been because of the distance they were away from us.
That was on the Tuesday night. However on the next night they stopped going but there were still
many angels left and I asked the Lord to send them all but He said “No, they do not need them all
now – but they will need them when they go out over the next few weeks.”
Then as we walked along I saw rows of archways leading into storerooms but I could not see what
was in them. I wanted to ask what was in there but did not think I should as Jesus did not offer to
tell me.
We moved on and I saw a large enclosure with a large, awesome, muscular white horse in it.
Several ‘men’ were tending the horse. They loved the horse and the horse loved Jesus and His
being there to see it. The grooms were devoted to the horse’s care for Jesus sake and knew that
they had to groom it hair by hair.
The horse was stamping its hooves and was impatient to go on it’s mission but Jesus said, “The
preparation is not yet complete. There is still much preparation to be done.” I realised that
“preparation” has to be complete for the time to be right. The earth as well as the horse has to be
fully ready for the Lord to come.
Then I saw that we were on the earth and we were walking outside. We came to a channel flowing
with blood. I stood there for a moment and then jumped over it and looked back at Jesus. He stood
there not looking pleased. I heard His voice proclaim “Precious in My sight is the death of the
Saints!” I was convicted and repented of my flippancy as I realised whose blood it was and I knew
He accepted my repentance.
We then moved swiftly across the earth and I suddenly realised we were in a province of China. I
saw a little girl, maybe 3 or 5 years old sitting distraught between the bodies of her parents. The
father was in front and the mother behind her. By their clothes I knew they were poor and the area
was also a poor part of the countryside. She looked fearful and lost. I did not want to look at her for
long as I could not help her just then. Then we were in India and I saw many of the “Untouchables” caste at work. One young man I saw carrying a basket of human waste. I somehow knew he was 24 years old and was in deep despairwondering where God was. I had no explanation for him and wanted to leave before he saw me.
We then went to North Africa where I saw a woman who was obviously starving and all around her
was war. I knew Jesus was saying “She is in this state because of war and all the resources of the
country are being spent on fighting”. I did not want to stay there for long.
Then we moved to a country in South America. I saw a large group of young women all teasing a
young girl who refused to dress immodestly like them because of her love for Jesus. I knew his
heart for her situation but I knew He felt that she would stay faithful under the persecution despite
her aloneness.
At that point I wanted to ask Jesus why he had shown me those countries but not others. He
seemed to know my thoughts and said, “Evil and injustice go together in all countries.” I blurted
out, “The earth is ridiculous!” He then rebuked me saying, “The earth is mine and all that is in it!”
Then I saw we were in front of a colossal mountain with snow merging up into solid ice. We went
part way up to a level area and Jesus said, “On this mountain are the bones of many who would
not cry out to me.” I saw a flower on a stalk with no leaves showing above the snow and wanted to
ask why it was there, but then I felt it was not the right time to ask Him.
Then we were entering a desert and were walking some way into it. I could see only a few stunted
brown plants to my right. I looked down and noticed that Jesus had sandals on that came up above
His ankles. They had a centre strap along the tops of His feet. I said, “I did not know you had sandals.” I knew there were nail scars under the leather straps. I thought He wore them because of
the hotness of the sand but quickly forgot to ask when He said, “In this place are the bones of
those who died without crying out to Me.” (I knew He did not mean that none of them had cried out
on either the mountain or in the desert but that He made the point that all could have done so and
it grieved Him that some did not).
Then we were suddenly back in “His Place”. I was trying to see His face but my eyes could only
look at His head. I saw the scars from the crown of thorns. I somehow saw that the thorns were
large and very sharp and that the scars were those of deep wounds not mere scratches. I could
see Him being beaten on the crown with heavy sticks and I asked, “Why did you let me see what
they did?” He replied, “I let you see because I know your heart for those who suffer in their minds. I
did this for them.”
Then I saw the scars in His hands near His wrists and asked, “Why did you let them do that?” He
replied, “I did it for the prisoners.”
Then I saw the wound over His heart and saw how the liquid had flowed out. I again asked Him,
“Why did you let them do that?” He replied, “I did it for the broken-hearted.”
Then I saw the scars in His feet and asked Him, “Why did you allow them to do that to your feet?”
He replied, “I did it for those who stand.” I knew He meant the faithful who will never deny their
faith in Him, even to the death.
Finally I saw His face and how His beard had been pulled out and I asked Him, “Why did you let
them do that?” He answered, “I did it for those who are disfigured.”
I did not see His eyes at any time.
(I think I was asked by Judith Garden to testify at this point).
Afterwards I wanted to return to “His place”. I did so and went back to see the white horse by
myself. I again saw that the throne was not just big, but was vast. I looked around and made my
way to the white horse. This time I noticed it had jet black hooves which had been highly polished
by the attendants. I had not seen that earlier and as I wondered why I heard the word
“PREPARATION” three times with each louder and stronger than the last. It was as if Jesus wanted
to emphasise it even more than before. Then I could hear a brother testifying in the church and then the activities in the church began to
break in to my contemplation and reluctantly I slowly opened my eyes. I saw the carpet on the floor
and wanted to return to His presence but decided that there would be many other times to be with
Him. Then I realised I was standing so I went over and sat down at the altar.
In Christ and His Grace
I pray that this account may help you draw nearer to Him.
John Bryant

Toowoomba meetings 21-23 April 2006
The Revival Glory Ministry team pastored by Judith Garden was invited by the Range Christian
Fellowship at Toowoomba to hold a weekend of glory meetings. As part of this team I was
privileged to witness a series of extraordinary meetings particularly on the Sunday night.
The local congregation consisted of pastors and leaders from the city of Toowoomba as well as a
number of visitors. Communion was an integral part of the weekend, and as we all gathered
around the cross (a large chunky rustic timber cross) the atmosphere was one of reverence and
awe. Many of us knelt and waited as we partook of the elements and entered into the holy of
holies-all as high priests. The series of meetings was also one of teaching from Pastor Judith,
sharing with us what the glory realm is all about and also an update of what the Lord is doing
around the world in this hour.
Judith shared about the amazing signs and wonders that accompany this type of ministry including
gold dust and flakes, manna from heaven, diamonds and stones-even angel feathers falling.
Pastor Judy herself has witnessed oil running down a city hall wall in New Zealand in one of her
The congregation was united and hungry to learn and participate in the glory manifestations of
God. They were willing to sing new songs and enter into a level of worship that was unusual for
some, however this bore great fruit. As the worship reached new heights some of the congregation
were “taken up” into heaven and told us of amazing and wonderful things that they had experienced. I tell you folks “a testimonial is worth a thousand words” and you could have heard a
pin drop as people shared their personal experiences (some were told by Jesus not to share some
things). Nothing prepared us for what we all were going to witness on the closing service on
Sunday night.
The evening service kicked off @ 6.30pm and we discovered that the keyboard player had other
commitments that evening so we sang one short song and then Judy paced up and down the floor
as she began to share with us. The Holy Spirit was downloading the whole teaching segment
through Judith’s mouth which lasted for about one and a half hours. She then led us in one song
“Holy, Holy, Holy” when she noticed some children beginning to weep. Judith asked for all the
leaders and pastors to stand up against the back wall facing the children (12 children in all aged
from 7 to 12). Judy then prayed with all of the children and as a group they were “taken up” into the
heavenly realm. The children’s weeping turned into wailing and as they stood for 40 minutes with
their hands raised we could only imagine what they were going through. We all sat, knelt and
waited patiently for them to return-I had the microphone at the ready to record this historic event.
One boy who was wearing a “hooded sloppy Joe” continually wiped his nose and face from the
tears or so I thought. However this was incorrect for as he returned and shared with us, the scenes
were so terrifying to him he was shielding his face!
I noticed a blue mark in the centre of my right hand about 6mm in diameter and appearing to get
darker. I had thought it was from pen ink so I showed Judith. The 40 minutes seemed like a lifetime
for the children looked in distress but at the same time were also being comforted-it was hard to
describe. During this time a man from Perth, Pastor Nicholas whom the Lord told him to come to
these meetings miraculously was travelling with the children on their journey and at the same time
could share and interpret with us what they were experiencing. He was present in both realms at
once. Sure enough what Pastor Nicholas shared with the congregation, the children verified when
they returned.
The boys told us of the battles that are to be played out in the coming end times with stark detail.
Not only were they witnessing the battle but were placed on their horses and armed with their
swords to be in the battle. Descriptions of warring angels and demons, monsters coming out of the
sea with numerous ugly heads, and an army of angels in universal worship and chanting. The
number of angels was as far as the eye could see to the horizon. Jesus gave roses to some of the
children and told them that he is no longer on the cross but is alive. The one main theme that
Jesus told all the children to share was that to tell the people to “get ready for he is coming back
soon”. Some saw each other in heaven and witnessed colourful lights coming from behind “a great
white light” which were in the shape of triangles. When Pastor Judith asked the children about being frightened they responded with “Oh no Jesus
was with us the whole time and we are all going back there again to visit” I didn’t want to come
back here, I wanted to stay with Jesus for he is so special” One girl in particular took everybody’s
hands and transferred the love of Jesus. All she kept on saying was “Don’t let me go, hang on to
me Jesus, don’t let me go”
Judith got the children to touch the mark on my right hand and they were reminded of the cross. As
others touched my hand they were slain in the spirit. There were many things that I missed but if
we as adults would see the heavenly realm as these children do and come to the father as children
I’m sure that we too can expect to be “taken up”
Peter Manning


Pukekohe, New Zealand:
Anaru’s Testimony
I was fellowshipping at another church but came in late to pick up some people from the meeting
where Judy was ministering. As I walked in I felt the strong Presence of the Lord.
The meeting ended but because of that Presence I knelt down by a table with my hands raised just
to worship. Judy then came over and began prophesying over me. I felt the Lord stripping away
everything on the inside – my pride, my ambitions, my desires; it felt like my whole world was being
stripped away.
I then felt like I was caught up. I was in a realm where there was intense bright light. I knew I
couldn’t come into this light as it was so Holy and I wasn’t. (Others standing around saw me as it
were caught up in a trance like state.
I remained in that state most of the day and over the next 2 weeks was caught up many, many
times.) This light then became a focused intense light then I could see the Lord. I saw as it were,
His eyes as mists of blue. Sort of like a dam filled to the top then overflowing an oozing flow of
endless love. Seeing this just broke my heart. I had been stripped and now I was swallowed into
His love. This continued all afternoon.
I was a changed man after this experience. All addictions had completely instantly gone. (I didn’t
realise this at first until I tried to have a smoke.) My love of cars and being a ‘boyracer’ had just
gone. Pride in my musical ability had gone. All these changes have been permanent. In their
place has been an incredible love flow of the love of God for Him and His people.
During the following meetings the Holy Spirit would use Judy to tell me just to hug certain people
and they too experienced this love.
On the Sunday night of that first meeting when I first ‘came to myself as it were I was blind for
about an hour. I wasn’t afraid at all as I knew God was in it. The other thing was after this
experience I could read the Bible. Before this I had been a school dropout and could only read little
words and when coming across a big word I would be so frustrated I would throw it away. Now I
can read properly. I have been ‘caught up to heaven’ many, many times since that first Sunday and each time Father
reveals teachings to me and also His heart of love in many different ways. Although I have seen
many things in this heavenly realm and it is so beautiful, nothing can compare with the beauty of
being with Him, and seeing Him, and hearing Him, and being one with Father


Women of Grace meeting on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, March
Testimony from the Women of Grace meetings:
Kate, aged 10, had four brief visits to heaven.
Kate saw the golden streets and golden castles. She saw Jesus in a big white robe, covered with
gold dust sitting on a big wide gold throne.
He had a big book of people’s names. He crossed out people’s names as they asked Jesus to
forgive their sins.
There were people all covered with black trying to get into heaven, but they were told “No”,
because they had not asked Jesus to forgive their sins. The people in heaven were all white
because their sins were forgiven.
The second time Kate went to heaven, she bowed down. Later, she told her mother she was
bowing to Jesus, She saw Jesus riding a white horse with gold dust on it.
On the third visit, she saw Jesus healing everyone.
Jesus knew Kate’s name and she said he made her feel happy.
Jesus told her to go back to earth and tell everyone that he loves them.
A lady by the name of Joan said she felt complete love in heaven.


Perth WA, September
Jon Rodenburgs’ Testimony
Friday night
My name is Jon Rodenburg and I am about to turn 13 on sept 21st.
I had an awesome time with Jesus and would like to tell you about it.
I was getting angry in the last few weeks before this night at dad. Because he ran away with
another girl. Our family was going through a hard time and it was so sad and so hard on all of us.
So then I went to church and all the youth had to stand out the front. As I stood there, I started to
feel drunk in the spirit, I found myself in heaven. I was fighting for peace. Jesus was binding up
the enemy by roping him so he couldn’t move, so I could fight him . When I was punching him he
fell and disappeared. The enemy was my anger and Jesus helped me get rid of it.
The lady took me to pray for some men. And they fell down in the spirit.
The lady had a word that I would move in signs and wonders. I know God has told me I will be a
missionary years ago.
On the Saturday night I could not wait to get to church even though I was for the first time meant to
sleep at my dads. I cancelled dads and went to church.
I got called up and straight away I was in heaven again. I was swimming in a river made of liquid
gold. Then I woke up . I then had a look around the church then suddenly found myself again
back in heaven. I saw a street with lots of houses with a huge mansion at the end. I walked in to
that house and saw it was mine. I went upstairs into the bedroom and there was an ensuite and
the bath was made of gold. The shower rained gold dust. And the bed was made of gold. I looked out on the balcony and I saw a group of people walking down the street. I felt like I floated
down there. A guy gave me a cup that smelt like the anointed oil the lady had used to anoint us the
night before. I drank it. There were angels with the group of people. I woke up. I walked to Jordon
and could not stop laughing for about an hour.
I have a lot more Joy and My anger is gone, even though dad is still gone, and the situation is the
God bless
Love Jon.


Dear Pastor Judith Garden
This is Jons testimony who had the amazing trip to heaven in perth with the without walls ministry.
Praise God for your minsitry.
I will tell my story
My husband who was a Christian worked on the mines for 12 years and he told me he wanted out
of the marriage. It was like talking to a stranger.
Jon started tos get angry and myself and his sisters especially his eldest have been very protective
of him. He was starting to get very angry. Going off at the slightest things.
On the Friday of the meeting I was driving and he went off because I turned right, not left. I spoke
to him and explained I knew why he was angry. We were all hurting and angry but we needed to
give it to Jesus. He listened.
The funny thing was, I knew we had to go go to this meeting. My sister had arrived to support me
and she lives 3 hours away. I said sorry but I needed to take Jon and she understood. On the way
I asked God to heal him emotionally and build him up spiritually as people have told me this would
affect him. And I would not believe it as I have a good God. I was desperate for God to meet with
Jon and God honored my prayer.
I have spoken to Jon , and he said he kept going back to heaven on the second night about 6
times, but always found himself swimming in a river of gold.
Since that time there has been a Joy and a spiritual freedom we are all experiencing.
God is so awesome.
God bless


12 children caught up together into the third heaven, Toowoomba
Pastor Robyn Small, Range Christian Fellowship, Toowoomba, Qld, Australia
We have just had a most amazing weekend, here at The Range Christian Fellowship, Toowoomba.
People from other churches joined us to hear a lady called Judith Garden, who came with her team to teach and minister on the Glory of God. We discovered that she certainly has an anointing to
bring the heavenly realm into our midst.
She encouraged us to take lots of photos, and we did. Between us we had about 800 photos, and
in 300 of those you can see orbs of light around the room, as we worshipped God. Some of them
are just tiny bubbles, others are large and glowing with intricate patterns like snowflakes. Four
photos showed a thin ribbon of light coming from one red orb. That was encouraging, allowing us
to recognize that the heavenly realm had indeed drawn near, to join us as we worshipped God.
But the most thrilling event happened on the last night. After a long teaching by Judy, who shared
testimonies of what God is doing around the world at this time, she invited us to gather around the
cross, at the front of the room to begin to worship God. Without music, we began to sing ‘Holy,
Holy, Holy’.
After a long time of singing those words over and over, we began to enter into the wonder of the
holiness of God. Some children had begun to weep, and Judy gathered these children together in
a bunch, at the front. As twelve children were brought together, their quiet weeping changed to
piteous wailing. They stood together, howling and crying, their arms upraised. The rest of us could
only kneel and watch in awe.
After 40 minutes, the wave subsided, and the children began to tell us what they had been
experiencing. For all of them, it was a wonderful time. When asked why they were crying, they
responded with comments like, “Because Jesus is so lovely!” or “Because Jesus loves me so
much!” or “He showed me how bad I have been.”
They had all seen different things, but some had seen each other whilst in heaven. One young lad
had seen two of the girls kneeling in worship. The girls said, yes, that is what they were doing,
although they had not seen that boy. Some of the boys saw battles between demons and angels.
They saw large warrior angels, some saw hell, one saw a savage dog with a long neck in hell, two
others saw a seven headed monster in hell, wearing crowns.
Some of them described the wonder of the flowers in heaven. One boy said they were just
beautiful, with awesome colors, and shooting out diamonds as they opened. A little girl said that
when you picked a flower, another grew back to replace it. One said the sky was like the colors
you see in the sky at the North pole, only much more. They all talked about the gold that was
everywhere there. Some had been to the Throne Room. When asked what it looked like, one
young lad said,”Comfortable”. They all talked about how wonderful it felt, how warm and secure and comforting. Every one of them said they wanted to go back, so Judy told them to ask God to take them. So they did, andwithin a short time, they were again transfixed, eyes closed, arms upraised, worshipping God. Not so much crying this time, and as we adults walked between the children many were slain in the
Spirit. Judy took one teenage girl and walked her around the room, touching each of us on our
hand. As she did so, the girl was weeping loudly, “Don’t let go of Jesus, don’t let go of Jesus!” As
she touched us, most of us fell over. As I lay on the floor, I wondered what might be ahead that
Jesus would send us such a warning!”
Most of the children said that Jesus told them He is coming back soon. Some of them saw a huge
battle, which they believed is coming soon. It was between the angels and the demons. One boy
said that he saw thousands and thousands of figures (people or angels, he couldn’t tell which). But
they were wearing white robes, and in unison they were all bowing down before God, worshipping
Him. He said they were as far as he could see, right to the horizon.
It was lovely sitting listening to the children as they talked about what they had seen, because they
were all so happy, and one memory would spark off a memory in another one, and they would
exclaim, “Yes, I saw that! And did you see …?” And they would all nod in wonder. Yet they had
obviously seen different parts of heaven, (and hell), and not all had seen each other. One boy said, “The angels are so big, but they are not like big people here who bully you. These were
really friendly.” Some talked about sitting on Jesus’ lap, or walking with Him. Some talked about
not seeing Jesus, but just a beautiful bright light.
To me as I watched, it was with a sense of awe, that what I was seeing was very holy. This was
God allowing us a glimpse of His world, and what we were hearing from the children was
something that must be treated as sacred. Not to be a sideshow or a wonder to be treated lightly,
but a very precious gift from Him.
Later, I overheard two of the older boys discussing the wooden swords that our David has made,
which were lying around the room. One said, “The angels swords are much bigger than this, aren’t
they?” and the other replied, “Yeah, they were HUGE!’ The comment made me smile. What a
special bond these children now share.
A teenage girl said that she couldn’t enter heaven while she was focusing on herself, wondering
what she looked like etc, but as soon as she looked up, she saw light, and she was there. The
children said that they could hear some of our voices, but those faded. They also said that as they
entered heaven, our singing (which they could hear in the background) changed from sounding
ordinary, to sounded really beautiful. (I found that encouraging!!!)
I was reminded of the book, ‘The Throne Room Company”. By Shawn Bolz. Shawn was taken to
the Throne Room in heaven. As he looked around, he realized that he was part of a group of 400.
The angel with him told him that he was now part of the Throne Room Company. In these coming
days God was going to begin to bring people into His Throne Room, and then return them to earth,
touched by its glory, to spread that glory on earth. What an honour to some of our children now
becoming part of that Throne Room Company.
It was certainly an amazing weekend.
Isn’t our Father just so wonderful?
Robyn Small


Olivia Norris’s Testimony
A Short Visit to Heaven
My name is Olivia Norris and I am 10 years old. On the 8th of September 2007 my dad, mum,
sister and my two cousins went to a meeting held by the Without Walls Ministry at a hall in South
Perth, Western Australia. The meeting had a guest minister, Pastor Judith Garden and it started at
7.30 pm. We sat near the back of the hall because my mum and dad felt that my 7 year old sister
and I may get tired and we might have to leave early.
Shortly after the start of the meeting, Judith came around to us and asked if my sister and I would
like to come to the front of the hall and have a chance to visit heaven. My dad encouraged us to
go and we went to the front and stood at the side of the hall with other young children.
My dad had attended the meeting the day before without us and I remembered that he told us that
we should say a simple prayer to Jesus asking if we could visit heaven. After some time, while the
people were praising and worshiping God, I closed my eyes and asked Jesus if I could go to
heaven. Suddenly, I saw a huge very bright room with white walls and everything else was gold.
On either side of the room there were two rows of solid gold seats. There were angels standing in
the rows of seats playing harps, flutes and other instruments. They were wearing white full length
dresses that had long sleeves that were wide at the wrists. They did not have wings. As I walked
towards the throne I could see my grandmother and grandfather also standing in the rows and also
wearing the same white full length dresses as the angels. They died before I was born and as I
walked near them they nodded but did not say anything. They looked very young and fresh, just
like they were when they would have got married. At the end of the room there was a huge solid
gold and ruby throne. All the light from the room was coming from the throne but I could not see
anyone sitting on it. I then started to cry and opened my eyes and was back in the church meeting.Later my sister and I returned to our parents who were still sitting near the back of the hall. I told
my mum that something had happened but did not tell her what. After a while we got tired and we
left the meeting. As soon as I got outside I told my mum, dad, sister and two cousins what had
happened. My dad wanted me to go back into the meeting so that I could tell Judith Garden what
happened but I was too shy. My dad then dropped us all home and went back to the hall to tell
Judith what had happened.


Testimony from Isaac Yan, aged 10:
When I was prayer for by Ps Judy, with my eyes closed, I saw bright yellow lights coming toward
me. Then I saw white doves in the rays of the yellow light. I felt joy came to my feet and then joy
came over my head to my feet.
Testimony from Alesha Hou, from province of Henan, China, saved in Perth:
I don’t really understand English much. On the third night, we were kneeling on holy ground. I
asked God to forgive me and cover me with His blood. Suddenly I saw a bucket of water poured
over me from on high. I was puzzled but later I realised that the following prophetic song we sang
was ‘jump into the river’.
Before that, on my knees, for the first time in my life, I smelled a smell like chinese medicine. I am
very sensitive to Chinese herbs because when young I took alot in my ill-health. However, when I
smelled this smell, I realise it is not chinese herbs. When I was still wondering, suddenly I heard a
shout on my ears ‘Myrr’. This smell then went away and a stronger smell came. I knew that was
frankincense smell. That night, no anointing oil was used at all in the meeting! I thank God for
letting me experience His manifested presence in the meeting.


Testimony from Madeline Yan:
I remember when I was in Shen Zhen, China, I heard a sister’s preaching. The presence of God
was there and I was crying, for no reason. I was touched by His Presence.
When Judy was in Perth, this happens again. I knew it was the same wonderful Presence of God.
When I was under the power on the second night of the meeting, I was on the floor for quite long. I
smelled a strong smell of His Presence. It went away and then the same strong smell came again.
On the last night before Judy flew back to Brisbane, I met with her and I thank God for letting me
experience for the first time gold dust on my hand and some on my pants! I’m hungering for more
of Him and His manifested glory and believe more coming to the city of Perth if we press in to
believe and receive.
Blessings and love,


Hi pastor Judy
About 20 odd years ago
Yu held a meeting in an upper room
Yu prayed for me and I went to heaven and saw the Lord
WhT he spoke to me came true!
That he was crying for me for what I was going to go through but that I would come out the other
side and that he would always me watching me.

Billy Ray